Alex Butler

Alex Butler

Alex joined the Explorer Dome team in 2013 - you can't miss his friendly and cheerful manner. Combining his skills in acting and presenting, as well as his love of all things science, Alex brings true enthusiasm to his shows with Explorer Dome.

Alex currently also works for an independent publishing company in the centre of Bristol, but we're very happy that his passion for exploring and sharing scientific knowledge led him to join our team.

In his spare time (!), Alex is currently completing a part-time Bachelor of Education at the Open University which he absolutely loves. This will enable Alex to continue with his new found passion for science education in primary schools.

Alex trained as an actor in Stratford-upon-Avon and served his time taking improvised workshops around London schools on heart-warming themes such as knife crime and bus stop safety, but his knowledge of the scientific world is second to none and we defy you to find a topic he doesn't know something about!

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