Andy Wakefield


Andy joined Explorer Dome in 2011, fresh from co-ordinating volunteers at Bristol Zoo and can still be spotted there every now and again if you have keen eyesight.

His passion for science, wildlife and photography has taken him far and wide since leaving school. Having saved trees in Hawaii, radio-tracked king cobras in India, scuba dived in Thailand and swum with whale sharks in Mozambique, he's not one to sit around in his time off and is about to start a PhD in entomology and ecology.

He feels strongly about protecting the environment and hates creating waste. He loves cooking as well as foraging for wild food such as wild garlic and various mushrooms; some even say he's 'fun-gi' to have around!

When he isn’t talking to excited children inside the Dome, he researches bat behaviour at the University of Bristol. Get to know him at mrandywakefield.blogspot.com/

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