Ben Brown


Ben is part of the original Explorer Dome duo. Ben and Shaaron got it all going back in 1998 with the aim of making science enjoyable, inspiring and affordable for children of all ages and backgrounds.

He hails originally from Glasgow, but except for his occasional bagpipe-playing, you wouldn’t guess it from his clean-cut accent. A natural born presenter, his friendly, honest and open manner has been the signature approach of Explorer Dome from the outset and he’s delighted to be continuing the good work over a decade later.

Ben’s twin passions of science and music took him to a Russian conservatoire to play the piano for a year before studying Zoology at Bristol University, where he and Shaaron first met. They worked together at the Exploratory Hands-On Science Centre in Bristol where Ben picked up his love for astronomy and the night sky.

Ben can now show you ANY constellation in the sky - even the really faint and nonsensical ones! When he’s not enthusing about science, look out for him teaching piano and performing with The Blue at concerts and ceilidhs around Bristol.

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