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How far do we travel?
How big is the Dome and how many children fit inside?
How many shows can be done in one day?
What does the venue need to provide?
What shows topics are presented inside the Dome?
When is the Dome available?
How much does it all cost?
Information for Special Educational Needs.


How far does Explorer Dome travel?

  • We regularly travel throughout:
    Bath and North East Somerset - Berkshire - Bristol - Dorset - Gloucestershire - Hampshire - Herefordshire - North Somerset - Oxfordshire - Somerset - South Gloucestershire - South Wales - Swindon - Wiltshire - Worcestershire

  • If you are out of our normal area, it's worth knowing that we do travel further a-field and have regular schools and science festivals we visit in London, Derbyshire, North Wales and Staffordshire. These are usually 2 or 3 day bookings and we charge our full day rate of £580 + VAT. This does include a full day of shows.

  • We also travel internationally and have taken the Dome and resources to the Channel islands, Cyprus and South Africa.

How big is the Dome and how many children can you fit inside?

  • The Dome takes up a floor area of 6 metres x 7 metres.
    The height of the Dome is 3.5 metres. Please check for hanging projectors/beams/lights!

  • We can fit up to 30 (primary aged) or 25 (secondary aged) students inside the Dome per show. However, if you do have 1 or 2 extras we can accomodate you!

How many shows can be done in one day?

  • We can usually fit 6 or 7 shows into a single day.
  • If you wish to have different show topics on the same day, this may reduce the number of shows we can do as resetting the props inside the Dome takes time.
  • The Dome takes an hour to set up and 45 minutes to pack down. Therefore, if you would like more than 3 shows, the Dome will need to be in the hall across lunchtime.
    (Schools usually opt for a packed lunch day or packed lunches in classrooms with hot dinners only around the Dome.)
  • To work out the best timetable, do contact us directly and we can make a plan.

What does the venue need to provide?

  • First of all we need an room big enough for the Dome. The Dome requires a smooth, clean floor area of 6 metres x 7 metres. We also need a clear ceiling height of 3.5 metres. (Check check for hanging projectors, beams and lights!)
    As a rule the Dome needs to be set up inside, however, we can set up outside if we have a floored marquee with access to power.
  • We need access to 2 mains power points.
  • We will need reasonable vehicle access to the hall – let us know if access is likely to be poor (e.g. many steps / long distances) as this will affect the schedule or even our ability to come to your venue.
  • At least one member of staff must accompany the children into the dome. For family shows, all children under 7 should be accompanied by a adult.
  • It's worth knowing that the Dome is not sound-proof and noise in the same hall will affect the presentations.

What shows topics are presented inside the Dome?

  • For a full list of topics presented inside the Dome, please visit:
    Shows in the Dome

When is the Dome available?

How much does it all cost?

  • For a guide to the cost for the Dome and Chemistry shows, please visit:

    Alternatively, if it's easier, please don't hesitate to get in touch directly - either through our contact form, or scroll down to find our direct email address and phone number.

Special Educational Needs

  • People who can't crawl or are in wheelchairs can be accommodated - we can lift up the sides of the Dome instead of using the tunnel. However this does reduce the capacity of the Dome so please notify us in advance.
  • For children with learning and behavioural difficulties we have a maximum capacity of 25 inside the Dome INCLUDING teaching staff and carers. For EBD children we would recommend smaller class sizes than this.
  • The Dome is a wonderful environment for those with special needs, but presentations may include flashing lights and loud noises so presenters should be notified of children who are adversely effected by this (e.g. behavioural difficulties, autism or epilepsy). We can then adapt our shows accordingly. 
  • We can give you a full break down of the show in advance and presenters will use some Makaton signing in the shows.
  • Please have a look at our SEN shows page for suggestions of shows that might work well for your group.

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