Shaaron Leverment & Ben Brown

introducing Explorer Dome

Set up by Shaaron Leverment and Ben Brown in 1998, Explorer Dome is
a portable planetarium dome that travels to you.

Our exciting shows cover many different topics, are as interactive as possible. including hands-on demonstrations to engage and enthuse the audience.

“I hear and I forget. I see and I remember. I do and I understand.” (Confucius)

The ethos behind our signature approach stems from the Bristol Exploratory - a hands-on science centre that closed in 1999 and was nationally known for its of simple, effective, hands-on exhibits. Explorer Dome is grounded in the inspirational work of Professor Richard Gregory (Exploratory founder) and Dr Mike Coles (Exploratory education officer).

Although Explorer Dome is purpose built as a planetarium, we did not want to concentrate solely on space education, but cover as many different aspects of the physical, biological and environmental sciences as possible. Inside the Dome, we have a truly unique space for learning and our most popular shows lend themselves to this - for example 'Light' - a subject that can be tricky to teach without the blackout we provide.

By 2002 there were far more schools asking for visits than we could travel to alone. Therefore, we bought a second dome and were joined by Katy McDonald and Kevin Hollis - two brilliant science presenters. We were also particularly proud when Dr Mike Coles joined us with his chemistry shows, presenting under the name of Explorer Dome.

Since then Explorer Dome has continued to grow to cope with the demand. We now have a team of 10 presenters, each with different skills and areas of expertise. Our excellent presenters keep Explorer Dome alive, strong, innovative and brilliant fun! With their help, since 1998 we have been to schools, colleges, adult education groups, teacher training functions, science festivals, events and museums across the UK and abroad. We have visited over 3000 schools, met nearly a million children and enjoyed every moment!

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