Josh Yates

Josh Yates

Josh is a director of Explorer Dome. Joining the team in 2006, in 2010 his career took a temporary, different, sub-aqua turn. However he returned as a senior presenter and subsequent partner in Explorer Dome in 2012.

Josh's super power is his passion for wildlife and ecology. This fascination with all things creepy and crawly led Josh to study Wildlife Conservation at university in Devon, work with Paignton zoo, Living Coasts and Bristol zoo.

Whilst living close to the ocean, Josh took the opportunity to explore the world beneath the waves, and started scuba diving. This turned from a hobby to an obsession to a profession, and Josh is currently a dive instructor and Polar dive guide, visiting the Antarctic every February and has led expeditions such as Pole-to-Pole for Deadly 60. He is currently enjoying exploring the underwater world without bubbles with new close circuit re-breathe dive technology.

Josh first met Ben, Shaaron and Mike Coles in 1998 working at the Bristol Exploratory back in the day. He has many hidden talents - one of which is puppetry - he even travelled around Australia for a year with a puppet roadshow ... not many people can say that. He is and always will be one of the very best Explorer Dome presenters of all time.

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