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Coupled with lively demos and hands-on experiments, the life and success of Explorer Dome comes from our small group of science communicators who take the shows around schools.

We believe that it is our highly trained and enthusiastic presenters
that make Explorer Dome unique. Over the years we've had some of the most talented, friendly and inspirational people work with us in the Dome.

Explorer Dome presenters are science graduates, with a firm background in all 3 sciences and with specialities in fields varying from Astrophysics to Zoology.

Each member of the Explorer Dome team is, above all, passionate about science communication and science education. We all all trained to exacting standards - both in presentation skills and content - with training sessions from some of the UKs top astronomers and continued CPD events throughout the year. This enables us to perfectly pitch our shows for audiences of all ages and abilities (see teachers comments about our presenters).

If you are booking the Dome, two presenters will come to you, keeping the shows lively, interactive and great fun. Explorer Dome currently has 11 presenters, find out more about them below - we are very lucky to have them all working with us:

Other presenters that you can find inside Explorer Dome:

Jim Bell : Ben Brown : Alex Butler : Madelon Foard : Steph Hoddinott : Charlie Harbot : Kevin Hollis : Shaaron Leverment : Matina Payton : Olivia Reddy : Bea Roberts : Andy Wakefield : Caz Winkworth : Josh Yates


Previously on Explorer Dome....

Explorer Dome was first joined by freelance science presenters in 2002 - 2 merry individuals - Katy Nehammer and Kevin Hollis.

But where are they now!? Where are all the twinkling stars that have be-jewelled our team over the years? Find out more about our past presenters.


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