Shaaron Leverment


Shaaron established Explorer Dome with Ben Brown back in 1998. The motivation for Explorer Dome comes from a fascination in the subject matter we cover and a firm belief in the value of science education for all ages.

Shaaron is a Fellow of the Royal Astronomical Society and past president of the British Association of Planetaria. She has represented UK planetaria internationally and has organised international events to strives for excellence in science education and presentation in planetaria.

Shaaron currently sits on councils and steering groups for various UK astronomy organisations and projects including BAP, AAE and Dark Skies England. She has worked as a presenter, trainer and show developer for various universities, science centres and organisations. She hopes to increase the international work of Explorer Dome and would like to return to work again in southern Africa where her roots lie.

Shaaron's interests lie in cosmology and (more recently) astrobiology. However she holds first degrees in zoology, psychology and anatomy and is currently studying for a PhD in neuroscience. There is a new Explorer Dome 'brain show' in the pipeline - a dome show about neuroanatomy, neuropsychology and the effects of alcohol and drug abuse.

She is also responsible for building this website - so if you can't find the information you want, you can blame her : )

Shaaron is (in a main part) responsible for the current thriving and very friendly planetarium community in the UK. When she took over as president of the British Association of Planetaria (BAP), the membership was less than 20, when she stepped down in 2011, membership numbered more than 100 with an annual conference to be proud of. The amazing work of UK planetaria goes from strength to strength and Shaaron continues to works for the BAP to forge links with STFC, ESA, the UK Space Agency and ASDC. If you are interested in the work that planetaria do, perhaps you want to set up a planetarium, or you're passionate about astronomy education, please become a BAP member and visit the BAP website.

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