Creation Stories

Pure story telling inside the dome with some of the oldest stories ever told.

A brief summary

This show breaks from our usual programme of science.
Developed in partnership with the All Saints Religious Education Resource Centre in Bristol, this show uses the wonderful atmosphere inside the dome to explore a range of religions and worldviews through their stories about how the world began.

More details of timing, capacity and curriculum links are below.

Our Shows

  • Allow for questions to share interests and explore ideas
  • Treat every child as unique, supporting personal development
  • Promote observation, prediction and exploration
  • Encourage imagination, creative and critical thinking
  • Support and enhance the Curriculum across subject areas

Creation Stories


Key Stage One - ages 5-7

Enjoy timeless tales in the magical atmosphere of Explorer Dome. Creation stories from 3 different continents are brought to life – Europe, Africa and Australia. Explore the meaning behind the myths and discover what these stories can tell us about people and places around the world.

  • Duration: ~45 mins
  • Curriculum Links
  • Capacity: ~35 children + adults


Key Stage Two - ages 7-9

Suitable for Year 3 and 4, this is an introduction to comparative religion through the sights and sounds of the creation stories from three different continents. How did the world begin and where are we from? Whatever you believe, this show explores how we can always learn more by listening to others and the Dome becomes a place to ask ultimate questions and explore answers from 3 very different worldviews.

  • Duration: ~45 mins
  • Curriculum Links
  • Capacity: ~30 children + adults

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