"The presenters were wonderful. Their enthusiasm was infectious. They knew exactly how to pitch it & had an excellent awareness of the needs of the children.
This was the best science based visit we have"
(Primary school, Devon)

"Brilliant. Really brilliant. If I had to think of something I’ve seen that caters for all learners - visual, auditory and kinaesthetic - this would be it!"
(Secondary school, Rhondda Cynon Taf)


"All the staff agreed that we haven’t seen the whole student body so thoroughly enthused about science since… the last visit by Explorer Dome!"
(Primary school, Wiltshire)

"Genuinely fantastic – better than a 6 week teaching block!"
(Primary school, Plymouth)

"A lesson none will forget. It brought to life so many aspects of the science curriculum."
(Secondary school, Devon)

"What a fantastic day you gave our children in the Explorer Dome. No way could we capture their imagination and explore space in the classroom, in the way you did in the dome.
(Primary school, Oxfordshire)

"No criticisms at all – the visit was a huge hit with pupils and staff alike.
I’ve never seen so much science covered so effectively in 40 minutes!"
(Primary school, Cyprus)

"Far more impressive than i ever imagined. The children were in awe."
(Secondary school, Dorset)

"The show was spot-on in terms of content. There were plenty of opportunities to recap on things we had covered in class and also plenty of extension content too. They LOVED the hands-on interactive activities."
(Preparatory school, Oxfordshire)

"Excellent in every way"
(Secondary school, Devon)

"Very professional and well researched, using lots of different styles of learning catering for all children. Well done!"
(Primary school, North Somerset)

" The atmosphere in the dome, along with all your super props, makes science come alive. "
(Secondary school, Gloucestershire)

" I was particularly pleased as you managed to cover half a term's work in half and hour! "
(Secondary school, Hampshire)

" We had been inspired and you could see the awe and wonder on all the children's faces. "
(Primary school, Cornwall)

"The children were fascinated all the way through the show & can’t stop talking about it!"
(Primary school, Bristol)

"Now racking my brains for an excuse to re-book!"
(Secondary school, North Somerset)

"It was incredibly successful ...to the point where some students still say it was the best day they ever had at school!"
(Secondary school, Cyprus)


"The presenters were soooo fantastic. They pitched all of the shows perfectly for the different year groups, they should be teachers!!"
(Infant School, Berkshire)

"Your ideas, input and your passion for the topic was an inspiration to us all. The pupils voted your workshop the 'best bit' of our science week by a long way!"
(Primary school, Gloucestershire)

"Presented at an appropriate level, your staff were delightful in their manner with all our students and made it a really fun time. "
(SEN school, Oxfordshire)

"Extremely professional and knowledgable staff. The show covers curriculum-relevant areas with verve and excitement!"
( Junior school, Plymouth)

"The presenters were friendly and enthusiastic throughout the day (even after seven shows!) and the event was an enormous success"
(Secondary School, London)

Your presentation was perfect for all ages and the children are buzzing with what they learned. Thank you so much."
(Primary school, Oxfordshire)

"Thanks to your presenters - 2 fantastic science educators with the knack of getting
complicated scientific concepts over to 4 year olds! All the children LOVED the Explorer Dome."
(Primary school, Dorset)

"Our children were made to feel very comfortable and safe.
They were enthusiastic beyond belief when they came out. Magic!"
(Preparatory school, Wiltshire)

"It was excellent and pitched perfectly for my children – they were totally engaged throughout and so was I!"
(Preparatory school, Devon)

"Super presentation skills, great, thoughtful prep and positive throughout with subject matter that some children do worry about, i.e. global warming & deforestation."
(Primary school, Wiltshire)





"The show was excellent value, particularly as some parents have several children in school. Thank you so much."
(Primary school, Cornwall)

"It is fantastic. The children love it and it really makes science come to life. Excellent value for money per child also."
(Junior school, Somerset)

"It was worth every penny."
(Brownies, North Somerset)


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