Welcome to Explorer Dome!

Explorer Dome is an internationally known, vibrant, popular science outreach organisation.
Based in Bristol, Birmingham and London, we travel across the UK presenting live science shows for schools, festivals and special events. Hands-on demonstrations and stunning visuals combined with knowledgeable, enthusiastic and professional presenters: Explorer Dome is presenter-led, lively, interactive and fun!

Autumn 2021 – UK Covid restrictions are relaxing, but Explorer Dome remains cautious and we will work with you to find the best solution, comply with your risk assessments and keep science enrichment alive and well. Explorer Dome has been working throughout the pandemic with online shows during lockdown and adapted shows in schools when possible, so we are well prepared to visit you.
Visit our dedicated Coronavirus page for more information.

Explorer Dome is an internationally known, vibrant, popular science outreach company.
We bring science alive to over 73 000 children and adults every year – and love every minute!

Different science topics

We have a variety of shows that cover aspects of physics, chemistry, biology and environmental sciences. Our shows are truly cross-curricular, designed to support and enhance science learning at all key stages.

Shows for your audience

All our shows are led by enthusiastic, talented and fun science presenters who work with toddlers, schools groups, families and specialist adult audiences. We have the experience to tailor the sessions for the distinct age, interests and abilities of your group.

Travelling throughout the UK

Based in Bristol, Birmingham and London, we regularly visit schools from the Midlands down to the very tip of Cornwall, from Pembrokeshire across to East London, and we also ferry and fly our equipment to the islands and across to Europe and beyond!

Established in 1998!

Our signature, effective approach is hands-on and interactive.
We have been around for a while and continue to grow to cope with demand. Over the years we have met over a million children and have enjoyed every moment!

Our Shows

Below is a quick glimpse of some of the science shows we offer.
Explore all our shows by show topic or audience in the menu above

Space Show

Space Show

The wonder of space. An inspiring tour of our planet, moon, sun, solar system and beyond; how they move and what we see. Discover the night sky tonight and marvel at the myths from ancient Greece written into the stars.

Light Show

Light Show

An investigation into light and colour impossible in the classroom. Explore what light is, where it comes from and how it travels. Mirrors and prisms; reflection and refraction, get hands on with light inside the darkened Dome.

The Bubble Show

Bubble Show

Delight in the unexpected behaviour of bubbles. The Bubble Show is a fantastically visual way to investigate the properties of gases as we make bubbles that float and sink, grow or shrink, burn and even explode!

The Body Show

Body Show

A hands-on guide to diet and digestion to experience why you really are what you eat. Find out what we eat and where it goes. Our body show is all about disgusting digestion from top to bottom!


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