Sound Show

A hands-on guide to the nature of noise

A brief summary

Explore sound and get hands-on with some good vibrations! Find out how vibrations travel and what they can travel through. Once you get a handle on vibrations and pitch we can make some music with our fun, interactive and immersive sound show.

Our sound show is specifically designed for KS2 children.
More details of timing, capacity and curriculum links are below.

Scientific Enquiry

We want to stimulate curiosity in science for all, regardless of age, gender, background or ability. Our science shows:

  • Allow for questions to share interests and explore ideas
  • Treat every child as unique, supporting personal development
  • Promote observation, prediction and exploration
  • Encourage imagination, creative and critical thinking
  • Support and enhance the Curriculum across subject areas

Sound Show


Key Stage Two - ages 7-11

Explore and question the world of vibration, sound waves, frequency, pitch and hearing. How fast is sound? Why do astronauts need radios and how do bats see in the dark? With thunder and lightning, pops and pipes, make music with our hands-on guide to the nature of noise!

  • Duration: ~45 mins
  • Curriculum Links
  • Capacity: ~30 children + adults

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