Science Shows

Suitable for Children with Special Educational Needs

All our shows can be adapted for mixed age audiences and Special Educational Needs. Below are three topics that come recommended by us for SEN schools.

Space and Forces Show for SEN

Space and Rockets Show

One of our recommended shows for groups with special educational needs, "Space and Rockets" combines all the fun elements from our Space and Forces shows. Wheelchairs can be accommodated as we can lift the sides of the Dome for a dramatic entrance! Please see our Logistics Page for more info about SEN visits.

Inside the dome take an imaginary trip off the Earth and into Space to explore the awe and wonder of the night sky. Find out about the moon and touch its surface, make some rockets that go POP and hold your own star. Then let's look together in the starry sky for patterns, animals and stories inside the magical dome.

Light for SEN

Light Fantastic Show

This is a wondefully immersive show, most suitable for children at NC level 1 or above. It is less suitable for PMLD groups or children with poor sight as many of the big 'wow' effects are visual. Wheelchairs can be accommodated. Please see our Logistics Page for more info about SEN visits.

Time to get hands-on with Light! Explore the Sun and light sources and have fun making our own fabulous shadows across the whole of the Dome. Reflections, lasers, colours, rain and rainbows will thrill the audience before we settle down together to make a story around a camp fire underneath a beautiful starry night sky.

Bubbles for SEN


A firm favourite for groups with special educational needs, the Bubble show does not take place inside the Dome, but in a hall or large classroom. We can therefore accommodate more children per show and more complex mobility needs with Bubbles! Please see our Logistics Page for more info about SEN visits.

The Bubble show is full of fun and surprises. Children will delight in bubbles that float and sink, grow and shrink, burn and explode! With freezing fog and exciting flashes, we will take care to come around to the children where they are in the audience so all can experience the magic of science bubbles.


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