Explorer Dome leads the UK Planetarium Community in a National Proejct to Celebrate Tim Peake

A National Tim Peake Planetarium Celebration

Launch Celebrations at Primary School

On 15th December 2015 Tim Peake, the British ESA astronaut, started his 6 month stay on board the International Space Station. We were lucky to enjoy celebrating the launch of the Soyuz rocket with children and their families at a local primary school. This date also marked the beginning of a national project that aimed to inspire and excite children and adults across the nation with the mission of Tim Peake.

With support from the UK Space Agency and with strong cooperation within the UK planetarium community, Explorer Dome led a local steering group from the British Association of Planetaria (BAP) to produce stunning, internationally-utilised, bespoke, photo-realistic animated footage of the International Space Station (ISS) for use inside planetarium domes across the continent. The footage supported the mission of Tim Peake, but we also designed it to be relevant into the long-term, providing inspiration for the future of human space travel for years to come.

These planetarium clips can be seen in domes across the nation and beyond. Since dissemination 6 months ago, they have been used to create a wonderful, immersive experience in 46 seperate fixed and mobile planetarium domes and been seen by over 128,000 people so far.

We are very proud of what we have accomplished for the planetarium community, and the extent of the impact of the fabulous network of mobile planetarium domes of which Shaaron Leverment remains the international representative for the UK.

“The Tim Peake / ISS animations are amongst the best fulldome visuals I have ever seen.”

Immersive Theatres

“This suite of clips has proven time and again to be absolutely fantastic in its aim of engaging children and adults of all ages in the excitement surrounding Tim’s Principia mission... Thank you on behalf of all the thousands of adults and children who’ve been thrilled by the Principia suite in my domes!”

Space Odyssey

“Our audiences, from infant to adult, have loved the ISS film. We have taken every opportunity to use it, whenever the subject requested has been space”

Science Dome

“There has been a real buzz around Tim’s mission over the last 6 months or so and it’s been great to play a part in informing people about it. It would have been a lot harder without these fantastic full-dome clips.”

Cosmos Planetarium

ISS inside the Planetarium with Shaaron Leverment

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